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An intellectual-spiritual sphere is in 9 % of all utterances, that talks about the lack of coincidence of vision of the possibilities with those stereotypes which was folded in society (men, both Russians and foreigners - estimate the intellect of Russians below).

Among qualities of this group will mark ingenuity, scholarship, large capacities for learning, creativity, self-perfection, spirituality. It is therefore impossible to say that Russian women are women with very much and the very understated self-appraisal.

The most important qualities of Russian bridesRather, because of influence of stereotypes the intellect of Russian women is estimated illegally low. With an intellectual sphere labor is drawn together, in which is underlined professionalism, absence of careerism, endurance, work on a wear, intuitiveness, execution of masculine duties, related to hard physical work.

On the whole, maybe, that in the whole world is acknowledged the unicity of the Russian women, harmoniously combined with their unusual beauty, rare heartfelt qualities and ability to combine professional qualities and ability to create a domestic comfort.

But it is needed to wish Russian women greater confidence in the forces and not only claimed by society of all various talents of the Russian women but also (in spite of patriarchal relapses) adequate high estimation of all these qualities.

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