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Is it difficult to path the way to the manís heart? ďCertainly, it is!Ē Ė say the majority of people on our planet. ďNothing of the kind!Ē Ė answer the wonderful Russian women.

Itís out of doubt that every real man eagerly hurries back home from his office, club, gym or pub if heís sure that heís looked forward to. And heíll run, fly or drive faster if his sweetheart is a talented cook. Because the proverb about the manís heart and his stomach is rather old but absolutely true. How pleasant it is to smell the magic scent of soup, borsch, pelmeny, pies or cakes just having entered your beloved home!

Russian brides and their way to menís hearts No doubt that absolutely all Russian brides are second to none virtuoso in the world of kitchen. And itís not necessary to be a chief cook in order to please the husband. Love and only love is needed everywhere, and so it is in the kitchen. Every dish cooked with love becomes a masterpiece.

The morning is fresh, sunny and cheering with strong black or white coffee, toasted puffy pancakes, hot sweet porridge and bright friendly smile of the kind Russian woman.

The afternoon is fine, energetic and promising with delicious cabbage soup, meringue smashed potatoes and delightful sappy chops warmed by cozy comfort of the beloved woman.

The evening is tender, velvet and mysterious with aromatic tea, tasty pies and sweet jam in the coating and promising atmosphere of love side-by-side with the romantic woman.

And even if some Russian brides are not yet real experts in cooking, if they can serve their beloved men only scrambled eggs or instant coffee, they will do it with sincere love and admirable, undiscoverable magic inherited from their great-grandmothers. Certainly, itís very difficult to find the right way to the manís heart. But Russian girls know the secret. They donít break but conquer menís hearts.

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