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How to guess Russian bridesIt’s difficult to believe but words are not always necessary to discover the origin of the most prominent phenomenon. And Russian brides are special phenomena in this world. It won’t be a mistake to call them Women-mystery. Watch some episodes and you’ll be able to guess these girls in a motley crowd.

It’s raining in the street. Deep puddles and fast streams cover the pavement. People jump over them, step into the water and go forward in wet boots, some women try to catch a taxi in order not to spoil their footwear… And only one girl smiles, takes off her shoes and goes on through the puddles in the rain. Never doubt, here she is – woman-mystery, merry and spontaneous.

It’s late in the evening. The street is dark and people are returning home from the theatre. The night robber rushes out of the darkness and grabs the girl’s fancy bag. Someone starts calling the police, someone starts screaming, someone hurries away… But the victim doesn’t put her hands up! She kicks the robber, pulls out her bag and catches the assaulter. Guess who! Certainly, it’s she – woman-mystery, brave and courageous.

It’s a hard day’s night. The parents are back from work. She’s waiting for them at home. The diner is ready, the flat is tidy and clean. The younger brother is fed up, washed and taken to bed. The lessons are prepared. Tomorrow she’ll not be late to the University. Maybe she’s a little tired, but nobody will notice it. She puts on her best dress, makes up her face, smiles and runs to the disco. She’ll dance all night long! Just impossible… But she’s a woman-mystery, light and lively.

They may look different, they may speak any language, they may meet you in any country, but these are them – unbelievable Russian brides.

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