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Place some Russian words in your letters!

russian women wordsWould you like to make your letters more friendly and pretty? Add some words in Russian to your letters. Make her laugh! ;-)

Hi! - Privet!
Hello! - Zdravstuite!
How's it going? - Kak dela?
Glad to meet you! – Rad s toboi poznakomitsya!
Good morning – Dobroye utro
Good afternoon – Dobrii den'
Good evening – Dobrii vecher

You are beautiful – Ti krasivaya
I like you – Ti mnye nravishsya
You are charming – Ti ocharovatelna

Bye! - Poka!
Good bye - Do swidaniya
See you soon – Do scorogo

Useful words:
Lady/Girl - Devushka
Woman – Zhenschina
Sweet – Milaya
Honey - Lyubimaya

You are cool! - Ti klevaja!

Good luck! - Udachi! :=)

Would you like to know more Russian words? Tell us about it!

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