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7 rules or How To Win your Russian woman's heart?

russian womenWith you acquire a unique opportunity to get acquainted with Russian women for little money. How to succeed in it and win your Russian woman's heart?

There are 7 simple rules:

1. Address your letter to a particular woman. Prepare a standard introductory letter, but every time you send it to a new lady write her name on it. It will add a special character to your message.

2. Do not write quick letters. A message of one or two lines will hardly draw anybody's attention. Will you be interested in a letter like this: "Hey! Let's have a talk!" Mind the fact you are sending an introductory letter, you are not inviting a woman to chat.

3. To insure the better effect of your introductory letter upload your photos onto our site and complete your profile. Be careful not to choose group ones: it isn't clear from the first sight that the woman on your right is your sister.

4. Have you received a positive answer?! It's time you started acting: sending virtual cards, presents. Such trifles support your attitude towards a lady, let her believe that you are more than just a pen pal; that you are serious about her, that maybe you are her future lover or a husband. Pay her compliments!

5. Is you correspondence progressing? Has it become warmer and more intimate? It's time you moved from the virtual world into the real one! A phone talk - it is very the thing to undertake now. Live communication will make you closer. Voice sounding will enrich your images with new colors. It is one more step towards understanding and confidence. A woman will feel your presence.

6. Do not drag out your correspondence and phone talks. Do not turn it into routine. Virtual communication is expected to last for 1-3 months. You can visit your lady. Only meeting will clear up whether you need each other, if there is point in carrying on.

7. ATTENTION! Be careful about women who ask money from you. It doesn't matter what reasons she gives for it. It is on our site rules women are forbidden to ask money from men. Please, let us know immediately if some of our candidates want you to send her money. Her profile will be expelled from our site and put her name into the dark list. Don't be credulous. There are women who make money through it. Unfortunately, it is a characteristic feature of all virtual marriage sites. Be watchful! Do not hesitate to report us every fact of the kind. We can solve this problem together! More Info about dating scam...

We believe that our 7 rules will prove to be fruitful.
Our experience shows they work!
There are many couples, which live a happy family life!

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