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A man's point of view on online dating.

russian women wordsAre you a real man? Are you attracted to women? If your answer is yes, then you are a real man!

Just like you, I love women. They excite me more than my car! I never miss a chance to get acquainted with the prettiest ones anywhere I meet them: at work, at sport club, night club, in public transport, in supermarkets... I will never hesitate; I'd just come up and ask her name.

Naturally, I enjoy dating with women, flirting and having sex with them. But the more I meet with them, the more we talk, the better I realize that finding a really good woman, the perfect woman for me, is not as easy as it might have seemed at the very start.

I could definitely describe the ideal woman. I can see her clearly.

But how am I supposed to know if she is my type?

Let's model the situation often taking place in real life.

It's a sunny Saturday morning; you are on your usual shopping route to stuff up your fridge for the coming week. You get into your car and humming a popular song you park by your favorite supermarket. Lost in thoughts, you push your basket along the rows of vegetable stalls and then suddenly BANG!.. You see HER. Wow... I like her... You catch her up and your baskets are already floating together .

- You are not certain about having a cauliflower or a cabbage?
- No, I'm not really sure.
- You are not really thinking about this cabbage?
- Actually, I'm not.
- Well, I'm Art, nice to meet you.
- Hi! I'm Natasha.

You are giving it a start... First you invite her to restaurants trying to get to know each other better. You meet up with her as often as you can. You are learning more and more facts from her life, testing her intellect and trying to get a glimpse of her soul. You are doing your best to see if she is the one for you. Gradually, you get closer. She treats you as her boyfriend, she thinks about your future together.

Did this ever happen to you before? It did to me, quite often I should say.

After a week of your acquaintance you are beginning to understand that she's a damn fool, that her appearances are deceitful: she'd sometimes curse and she puts on her lipstick awry. You realize that you've spent your time and efforts in vain. You are no longer interested in her and the only thing you really wish is to forget about ever meeting her. You are lucky if you get rid of her easily. And what if you don't? What if she has already decided that you are her boyfriend? That sucks.

So what are the conclusions we can make?

(1) To get to know a woman well enough we need to spend a lot of time, efforts and money on her. (2) Any woman is a mystery. There could be hidden a completely different personality behind her appearance. (3) If she is not your type, you could get into a lot of trouble explaining it to her.

C'est la vie.

About 2 years ago I started thinking over the possibility of online dating. I was pretty skeptic about it at the start. But with time I realized all the advantages. The most important thing is that the Internet helps to economize my time and money considerably.

There are hundred thousands of women on the web willing to get acquainted. I can easily find the one I like. I certainly choose by her looks first. If it's yes - then we go on, if no - we just don't. You are free from the factor of "First Date" in the Internet. Your contact is easy and promising.
I no longer have to spend a lot of time and efforts on just one woman. I can keep in correspondence with several at a time. I don't spend my money on restaurants and cafes. I just keep in contact trying to get to know them better, asking a lot of questions, sometimes the questions I'd never have guts to ask in real life. If I don't like a woman - it's a 100 times easier to explain to her in one of my letters that she's not my type. If I feel like this is the woman for me, that her letters make my heart beat faster, only then I can appoint our first date. This first step is then so much easier to make after having discussed so many things through our correspondence. All women I dated with through the Internet had made the best impression on me - this is because I had chosen them beforehand!

The method does work! I have checked this out myself!

Have you already turned your computer on?

Good luck to you then!

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