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Advices. Part 3.

russian womenNot all girls like caresses before sex.
If your girl grew up and lives in a huge megalopolis, and doesn’t have a car, so she has to use public transport, then stroking before sex may, probably, irritate her. Regular going by overcrowded transport blunt sensitiveness. You can improve it by buying a car for your girl.

Especially for porno fans….
If you enjoy watching pornography, then your doubts in your male merits shouldn’t surprise you. Someone else could attract your girl. Frequent porno films previews make men’s self appreciation more vulnerable, but strengthen women’s. While you are worrying about that something is wrong with you, your woman may have an exaggerated opinion about her sexuality and try to find a better companion.

How to keep a woman’s love?
The most boring creature for a woman is a surrendered, unsurprising, completely tamed man, who is easy to get caught. Be unpredictable to some degree.

What are men afraid of?…
Men are afraid of loosing their influence. Men’s self-appreciation greatly depends on other’s recognition. Recognition, power and influence mean reliability. Money gives power, which makes the man attractive, if he is avoid of other merits. It is common for life that the most elegant women are drawn to successful men.

If your woman is unfaithful to you…
If your woman is unfaithful to you and is trying to persuade you that there wasn’t love, but only physical attraction, don’t believe her. In addition to sexual appeal the woman, as a rule, experiences feelings towards your rival.

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