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Advices. Part 2.

russian womenYour attempts to seduce her are useless…
You’d better wait till November. In defiance of the general opinion, the peak of sexual desire in women (as well as in men) takes place not in spring but in November-December.

How to obtain a woman’s agreement on an important question?
Make her give you an immediate reply, until she took a shower, changed her dress (and her mood along side with it), discussed it with a friend, so you wouldn’t need to persuade her from the very start.

Do women need plush toys?
Yes, they do. The sight of a plush toy causes the hormone, improving her spirit, to appear. But it isn’t true for all plush toys, but only for the ones with a big head, a big torso, and with big eyes: bears, kittens, etc. Long and thin toys (snakes, dragons, etc.) are taken with less enthusiasm.

Before marrying a girl, take a look at…
her mother or sisters. If she is originally inclined to a plump waist, she may have complications during her confinement.

You pay her much attention, but she doesn’t value it.
Women hate occasional moments of attention from you. If you are striving for nice relationship, you should work on it regularly. Flowers once a year, going out once half a year (on your companion initiative) do not contribute much to your harmony. Invent some minor marks of attention, which are easy to carry out: love-notes to each other, sweets hidden in a girl’s bag, a kiss before leaving for work, etc.

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