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Advices. Part 1.

russian womenWomen Logic Law #1. Suddenness.
The woman often reveals emotions, which origin is hardly definable. The one, who became the victim of her anger or passion, actually may be far from the object of her feelings. He just turned up in her sight very the moment she experienced the violent need to vent her brightest or nastiest emotions on somebody.

Women Logic Law #2. Exaggeration.
Feminine mind transforms minor events into large-scale ones. That’s why while associating with a girl, you’d better tune your apprehension to considerable diminution, so that your notion of the matter was true. Be careful not to show her that you noticed the exaggeration in her words.

Women Logic Law #3. A strange choice.
The worse variant, the more chances for a woman to choose exactly it. She may realize the mistake she is making. It gives her the opportunity to discuss the fault with her friends and enjoy tremendously the suffering she got through. It is vital to most women.

The rule of a good compliment.
If you want to stress the beauty your girl-friend’s dress beauty, don’t spare words for it. Plain phrases like “Great!”, “Perfect!” are not enough. Women need details. What exactly can you say? Use the following: “It is your color! Turn, I wonder how you look from behind! Just the thing, it suits you well. You look entrancing! Etc.”

What should you do if your lady noticed you were staring at a pretty girl in the street and is on the verge of making a scene?
Don’t deny it: women are hard to trick. They have ideal side sight. The best thing you can resort in this situation to is to make your girl a compliment. It should be a comparison between the stranger and your woman, and the latter should be in more advantageous position in it. If the stranger is really lovely, you won’t be able to deceive your girl, saying that she is lovelier. You’d better pay attention to her inner beauty. Say that she looks much more intelligent (confident, kind, modest, friendly, etc.) than the girl from the street.

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